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Performing hot and relief stamping on shopping bags before their packaging allowing high productivity and total freedom with the positioning of the press.

Patroclo Nestore Penelope Telemaco Argo
Heads 2 2 2 2 2
Speed [pieces/hour] 1800 2000 2600 3300 3300
Printing surface for each head [mm] 250×180 300×250 300×250 550×350 550×350
Width reel [mm] 400-1000 600-1220 600-1220 600-1220 600-1420
Ø max reel [mm] 1000 1000 1000 1000 1250
Max weight reel [kg] 800 1000 1000 1000 1500

Printing prior to packaging allows high productivity and total freedom on the positioning of the press

The operator loads the reel to be processed at the end of loading the paper is printed and rewound again on a second coil that acts directly on the packaging machine.

The shopping bag will be printed front and back, eliminating the problems of marking caused by overlapping of the paper.

Dolce Stampa caldo Rilievo




Print heads are independently configurable:

  • separate foil feed
  • foil pull management which is fully configurable to optimize the detachment
  • oven temperature control
  • digital control of printing and engraving position
  • optimization of format change operations

The working cycle is fully managed by a PLC and all the parameters can be entered via a convenient touch-screen interface that guides the operator during machine setup.

Dolce Sacchetti 800

All the machine in this series can be connected to our service centre via the Internet, making it possible to carry out remote diagnostics and upgrades, reducing equipment downtime due to breakdowns or maintenance.

All our machines are designed and built in accordance with the existing Directive 2006/42/EC and subsequent amendments and additions and comply with health and safety requirements.
All our machines are CE marked.

The machine is protected with integrated safety systems that do not impede preparation operations.