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Dolce Lucio offers its customers a range of models of hot stamping machines that cover a wide number of applications.

In an increasingly diverse and demanding market, there are continuous new and interesting challenges to be faced. For this reason, our Technical Office deals with operating issues that differ from standard conditions, regarding shape, type, or specific aspects, essentially choosing between two solutions: a completely new custom made design to resolve the issues in question or a more or less radical modification of existing designs. According to the desired results a range of solutions are presented, which have different manufacturing times and costs. A custom design or prototype does not imply limitations in terms of size and applications. Ranging from small constructions, just over one square metre in size, to complete systems which are in excess of ten metres.



We combine the use of modern technologies (which we keep constantly up-to-date) with our experience, supported by tests that are physically carried out in our departments to obtain the necessary information to guide you in the right design direction. Everything is taken into account when establishing the final path with the customer. Once the design has been completed using the most modern computer system assemblies, all the specific designs are extracted for the individual components that make up the machine, from the structure to the moving parts. Even the design of the electrical system, construction, wiring and the management PLC programming, are performed completely within our production unit, without the aid of other companies or third parties. In addition to better control of the product, this choice means we have personnel with a complete knowledge of the machines manufactured, and when needed, can join the support staff who may be required by our customers in the future.


Also during the production phase our flexibility allows us to produce the components in a more traditional or more sophisticated way, which directly establishes communication between the construction design drawings made in the office with the production machinery (CAD-CAM system). Naturally the choice is always optimized according to the component in question. All our products, from the smallest to the largest are still carried out under the direct observation of the designer who, even during the construction phase, directly monitors the result of the work. In this way we can eliminate problems of incompatibility between design and manufacture. Moreover the testing phase is also attended by the designer, who directly ensures the proper functioning of the solutions adopted, meaning the machine as a whole conforms with the results that were proposed.