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ZEUS is a fully automatic machine for hot stamping one colour on flat coat hanger labels.

Head 1
Printing surface [mm] 90×60
Speed in automatic mode [pieces/hour] 5000



The operator, once the machine has been setup, only has to fill the loading hopper and replace the box of processed pieces.

The labels are inserted by a feeder into the body of the machine where they are printed one at a time and automatically ejected into a container.

The working cycle is fully managed by a PLC and all the parameters can be entered via a convenient touch-screen interface that guides the operator during machine setup.

The machine can be connected to our service centre via the Internet, making it possible to carry out remote diagnostics and upgrades, reducing equipment downtime due to breakdowns or maintenance.

All our machines are designed and built in accordance with the existing Directive 2006/42/EC and subsequent amendments and additions and comply with health and safety requirements.
All our machines are CE marked.

Show the data sheet of the machines for  hanger labels:

Idra Cerbero Giano Zeus Roll 130 2 piste