Hot stamping

The flexible solution for colouring and decorating

With its hot stamping machines, Dolce Lucio offers a printing solution for decorating objects with designs, logos and text. The process consists of transferring the colour from the foil (a ribbon containing pigment of a colour suitable for the specific type of material) to the surface to be printed, by means of the heat and pressure exerted by the machine.


The full potential of hot stamping

“Metallic" finishes: gold, silver, bronze, etc..
Wide variety of colours: glossy, shiny, pastel, matt
Transfer of repeated motifs, holograms, etc.
Effects reproducing marble, wood grain, leather, sheen, etc.
Branding ("burn" effect) on leather and wood


Flexibility of application for maximum performance

Hot stamping can be done on a variety of materials:
Special papers
Leather and similar materials
All painted materials


The added values of hot stamping

  • Brilliant, long-lasting and superior quality colours

  • “Dry" process, which does not require solvents

  • No hazardous waste