The partner of choice for hot stamping

Dolce Lucio is a manufacturer of HOT STAMPING MACHINES, offering both standard and prototype solutions for national and international markets. The company was founded in 1963 by the founder of the same name as a precision mechanical workshop, subsequently specialising in the construction of hot stamping machines. The solid basis in precision mechanics is the added value that the customer finds in our machines.
1. Reliability
The experience and know-how acquired over more than half a century assure the best support and assistance essential in the choices to be made before and after sale to resolve specific situations.
2. Flexibility
In addition to a wide range of standard models, we have always been able to provide customers with custom-built machines to meet specific needs, thanks to an accurate prototyping service.
3. Service
Dolce Lucio offers its customers the guarantee and the advantage of talking with a single interlocutor, the same company that designed and built the machine.


For over 50 years a response to the most diverse needs

We specialise in the design, manufacture and direct marketing of hot stamping machines. We offer a wide range of standard and prototype machines, supporting our customers in finding the right solution for the most diverse market needs.

Foundation in Milan
Expansion, new partners and new skills
Opening of new factory in Pero, just outside Milan
Inauguration of our own line of hot stamping machines
Start of production of "Hanger plates" machines
Start of production of "Leather labels" machines
Start of production of "Anvil" machines
Start of production of "Reel" machines
Start of production of "Evolution" machines
Competence of a reliable partner with an international reputation