Capsules - Head + Embossing Series

Diameter capsule (mm):
from 25 to 35
Specific feature:
Aluminium/plastic capsules
  • Rotary table machines for printing on the head of metal or plastic capsules (such as those for wines, oils and spirits).
  • Includes models offering embossing on head of capsules.
  • Fast format changeover and low plate costs assure high performance and great flexibility of use.
  • machining cycle entirely managed by PLC. All parameters can be entered via a convenient touch-screen interface that guides the operator through the machine setup.
  • made of steel with electrical and pneumatic components from leading brands.
  • CE certified
  • manufactured in compliance with current health and safety regulations.
  • prearranged for remote assistance connection to our central office.
  • ready to be included in the 4.0 standard.


Heads (colours) Spindles Ø Piece [mm] Speed with 2 colours [pc./h] Speed with 1 colour   [pc./h]
TD35-T-1C 1 8 25-35  –  4000
TD35-T-1C+RIL 1+1 8 25-35 4000  4000