Evolution Series

Printing surface (mm):
from 460x80 to 620x140
Specific feature:
High-quality printing of details
  • Dedicated to printing items, including large ones, which require extreme preci-sion and high print quality. The digital positioning of the object to be printed and the advanced foil control system solve the problems of complex printing as re-quired in the automotive or large household appliance sectors.
  • Other formats are available on request.
  • Multi-head versions.
  • All the machines of this series can be included in an automatic production cycle as they are already prepared for interfacing with other machines, robots, etc.
  • machining cycle entirely managed by PLC. All parameters can be entered via a convenient touch-screen interface that guides the operator through the machine setup.
  • made of steel with electrical and pneumatic components from leading brands.
  • CE certified
  • manufactured in compliance with current health and safety regulations.
  • prearranged for remote assistance connection to our central office.
  • ready to be included in the 4.0 standard.


5008-SLB 5008-SLB 2 heads 6214-SLB 6214-SLB 2 heads
Heads 1 2 1 2
Travel of burners [mm] 100 100 100 100
Printed area [mm] 460×80 520×80 + 120×80 620×140 620×140 + 120×80
Speed [pieces/h] 1000 1000/700 1000 1000/700