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Flexible hot stamping solutions

Dolce Lucio specialises in the design, manufacture and direct marketing of hot stamping machines. We offer a range of solutions from modification of standard machines to customised and prototype design. All offering robustness and ease of use for high reliability and durability.
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Our strong points

Choose a professional and competent partner

Thanks to the know-how accumulated in over 50 years of experience, Dolce Lucio is able to identify the most suitable solution for your needs, acting as a single point of contact for the entire life cycle of the machine, from design to maintenance.
1. Reliability
The experience and know-how acquired over more than half a century assure the best support and assistance essential in the choices to be made before and after sale to resolve specific situations.
2. Flexibility
In addition to a wide range of standard models, we have always been able to provide customers with custom-built machines to meet specific needs, thanks to an accurate prototyping service.
3. Service
Dolce Lucio offers its customers the guarantee and the advantage of talking with a single interlocutor, the same company that designed and built the machine.

Areas of application

Our sector expertise

We offer targeted and functional solutions for a wide range of production sectors, based on our in-depth knowledge of the specific requirements of each area. We approach every project with competence and professionalism and also offer tailor-made test solutions.

Automotive and household appliances

Machines dedicated to the decoration of items, even of large dimensions, which re-quire very high quality hot stamping.

Coat hangers

Machines specifically dedicated to the decoration in hot stamping, transfer and bur-ning of nameplates and coat hangers.

Bottle capsules

Machines dedicated to hot foil stamping on the side or tops of metal or plastic bottle capsules. Embossing is also possible.

Paper goods

Machines for flat hot stamping on paper products and various objects such as diaries, gadgets, bags, etc. in a wide range of materials and sizes.

Crates and bins

Machines equipped with an anvil for hot printing on bulky objects such as crates, ba-skets, boxes and bins.


Machines for hot stamping on various objects in the cosmetics sector: flat, round, el-liptical, cylindrical and conical.


Machines for hot stamping on flat and inclined objects of different sizes and materials.


Machines for hot stamping on many objects of various shapes and kinds such as gadgets, gift items, small bound objects, etc.


Machines dedicated to hot stamping and embossing on various types of packaging. Production of both reel and pre-packaged material. Large size prints.

Bags and shoppers

Hot foil stamping and embossing machines specifically dedicated to printing on bags and shoppers but also suitable for other packaging. Production for both reel and pac-kaged material. Large prints.

Boxes and cartons

Machines for hot stamping decoration on boxes, cases, paper, cardboard, plastic and wooden boxes.

Caps and bottles

Machines for hot stamping on the side or head of caps and bottles.

Leather labels

Machines expressly dedicated to engraving by burning of leather and similar. Models also with hot foil.


Find out who has relied on our expertise

Our machines cover the needs of hot press stamping in a wide variety of applications: from paper to plastic, and from wood to leather. Our customer portfolio testifies to our flexibility and the reliability of our decades of experience.


A single, competent and qualified interlocutor

Remote assistance
Rapid remote fault analysis for a prompt and efficient service
Planned maintenance
Planned preventive maintenance customised to the customer's needs
Servicing of machinery, including third-party units
Repairs, supply of spare parts and construction of equipment even for machinery not manufactured by us