Printing surface (mm):
Specific feature:
Coat hangers
  • Dedicated to printing plastic coat hangers of different sizes and shapes that are hot stamped with extreme precision and high quality at a speed of over 650 pieces per hour.
  • The operator's task is to load the loading tube with up to 50 hangers and unload them from the unloading tube to put them in the carton ready for shipment.
  • The digital positioning of the hanger to be printed and an easily accessible recipe book of already produced hangers make the format change extremely fast and simple.
  • The advanced foil control system solves typical printing problems.
  • The visual interface helps the operator in choosing the correct processing parameters and AI functions intervene in the prevention of machine stops due to defective hangers.
  • The monitoring of the machine with sensors and wear controls helps the maintenance service to intervene in advance, preventing downtime due to breakages.
  • machining cycle entirely managed by PLC. All parameters can be entered via a convenient touch-screen interface that guides the operator through the machine setup.
  • made of steel with electrical and pneumatic components from leading brands.
  • CE certified
  • manufactured in compliance with current health and safety regulations.
  • prearranged for remote assistance connection to our central office.
  • ready to be included in the 4.0 standard.