Reel Series

Printing surface (mm):
from 300x250 x 2 heads at 550x350 x 2/4 heads
Specific feature:
Paper on reels for shopping bags or packaging
  • Machines for hot foil stamping and embossing on paper reels, with normal or plastic-coated surface finish, destined for shopping bags or other packaging, al-lowing high productivity and total freedom in positioning the print.
  • The operator loads the reel to be processed at the loading end; the paper is printed and rewound again into a second reel which will then be placed on other packaging machines.
  • The shopping bagswill be printed front and back, eliminating the marking problems caused by the overlapping of the paper.
  • The print heads are independently configurable for:
    · separate foil feed;
    · fully configurable foil pull management to optimise foil release
    · separate zone foil temperature control;
    · digital control of print position and engraving;
    · optimisation of format-change operations.
  • In the "REEL-to-ROLL + REEL-to-SHEET" versions, the operator can choose whether the printed material is to be rewound onto a reel or cut and stacked into sheets of the desired length.
  • The paper is printed in register by reading a reference, setting the desired pitch or both.
  • The competence acquired in the development of all these series of machines and the extreme flexibility in adapting them to the customer's needs, allow us to offer a reliable and durable product to assure a return on the investment made.
  • machining cycle entirely managed by PLC. All parameters can be entered via a convenient touch-screen interface that guides the operator through the machine setup.
  • made of steel with electrical and pneumatic components from leading brands.
  • CE certified
  • manufactured in compliance with current health and safety regulations.
  • prearranged for remote assistance connection to our central office.
  • ready to be included in the 4.0 standard.


Reel-Reel Reel-Reel +  Reel-Sheet
  Penelope Argo EPEO Argo CUT
Number of heads/colours 2/1 2/1 4/2 2/1
Speed [ punches/hour] 2600 3300 5000/3300 3300
Print area mm per head 300×250 550×350 550×350 550×350
Reel width mm 600-1220 600-1420 600-1420 600-1220
Sheet length mm       350-1200
Ø max reel mm 1000 1250 1250 1250
Weight of usable reel kg 1000 1500 1500 1500