If you find yourself reading this article, you will know that one of the possible ways to attract your customer's attention, if you deal with marketing, is certainly to obtain product prints that are brighter or that are also perceptible to the touch .

And here to help you, among the various methods used,it  is hot stamping, also called HOT FOIL. As we have already seen is a printing system so called because the decoration occurs by transferring the colored pigment contained in the foil by means of the pressure, speed and heat exerted by the machine. We at Dolce Lucio therefore could easily say that using hot stamping is synonymous with application flexibility for maximum performance.

In this article, therefore, we will understand and see which materials hot stamping can be used on.

Hot stamping: materials and fields of application

You should know that hot stamping can be done on a multitude of materials, including:

About the products you should know that hot stamping is mostly used for:

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