If you are on our site it is clear that you want to get to know us better and want to know more about us. And we at Dolce Lucio want to introduce ourselves! Let's start by telling you that we at Dolce Lucio are a company specialized in the construction of hot stamping machines, for which we are able to offer standard, customized and prototype solutions, intended for national and international markets.

Our company was founded in 1963 by the founder of the same name; at the beginning it start as a precision mechanical workshop, and subsequently it gradually specialized in the construction of hot stamping machines. Today we address to a target of medium-high companies, both manufacturing and distributing products, and it is precisely the solid foundations in precision mechanics that are the added value that the customer finds in our machines.

Technical design, manifacture and sale of HOT FOIL decorating machine

As you will have understood, we at Dolce Lucio are specialized in the technical design, manifacture and direct selling of hot stamping machines. We offer a truly wide range of solutions to the customer who decides to choose us, ranging from the sale of our standard machines (with the possibility of customisation), to tailor-made creations, up to prototype design.

If we had to define ourselves with a “motto”, we would do it like this; “experience, flexibility, seriousness” and if we were to define our machines: “solidity and ease of use for high reliability and resistance over time!”.

Discover our sectors of application

We at Dolce Lucio offer targeted and functional solutions for the most diverse production areas, the result of an in-depth knowledge of specific sectoral needs.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of specific sectoral needs, we approach each project with competence and professionalism. We offer targeted and functional solutions, even tailor-made, for the most diverse production areas

Before discovering our machines, let's see what the main areas of application of hot stamping are:

Packaging intended for various sectors:

Crates / baskets / bins intended for various sectors:

Clothing Accessories:

Household appliances: details of household appliances or their bodies (e.g. refrigerator drawers, handles, temperature or level indicators, frames or profiles, etc.

Automotive: accessories or parts of cars, boats, motorcycles (e.g. knobs, dashboards, rims, etc.)

Medical: bags for medicines / dispensers.

Gadgets: Gifts / Religious Items / Plaques, Cups, Trophies / Gaming Chips, etc.

These are just the most significant market sectors (and related application examples) where hot stamping is used.

This is the sectors where we operate:

Would you like to know more? What are you waiting for! Tell us about your projects, we will realize them together! Fill out the appropriate form in the contact section of our website and you will be contacted by one of our experts to identify the solution best suited to your needs.