In this article we at Dolce Lucio want to talk to you about the great potential that hot stamping has, and specifically in this article we want to talk to you about finishes with a metallic effect. So, if you're curious to know what it's all about, keep reading.

Let's make a little introduction. You should know that hot stamping can be done on a multitude of materials, including:

Hot foil printing or hot stamping

Decoration with Hot Foil, also called hot stamping, allows you to give  to the graphics of a printed matter (logos, texts, drawings, etc.) a metallic effect in terms of colour, brilliance and consistency. The most classic metallic effects are gold and silver, but other colors can also be used: pastel, matt, satin, multicolor, marbled, pearlescent, faux wood, etc.

Technically, the manufacturing process consists of the transfer of color from the foil to the object to be printed by means of the heat and pressure exerted by the machinery.

The tool with which the decoration is imprinted is the cliché which can be made in different materials (aluminium/silicone, brass, magnesium, steel, etc.), dimensions (different sizes and engraving thicknesses) and shapes (flat, curved, shaped, etc.) depending on the type of material and shape of the object on which the decoration is to be imprinted.

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