This time we want to talk to you about hot stamping, now focusing on another potential. Curious to know what it is? Then continue reading!

Let's start immediately by talking to you about the main characteristics of hot stamping, which are the following:

Durability: long duration of hot stamping thanks to the high quality of the materials and workmanship;

Resistance: high chemical and abrasion resistance and high resistance to loss of color or adhesion;

Quality and color rendering: very high quality and color brilliance, especially in the gold, silver and bronze ranges.

Advantage: versatile graphic ennobling technique with high capacity to enhance the image to be printed.

Green: does not produce hazardous waste. Foil waste can be disposed of in common unsorted waste.

Having said that, let's see the decorations that you can get:

Maybe you didn't know it yet, but with the hot stamping technique it is possible to print single image holograms in register. Specifically, it is the finishing technique that allows you to create graphics with a very high visual impact. It has ancient origins when gold leaf was applied manually for decorative purposes. Today the hot stamping process is achieved through the application of metallized films, using a cliché.

It is a finishing that allows you to obtain decorative effects of great value and refinement with a high visual impact, with a wide variety of colors and effects. In addition to the more classic gold and silver metallics there are the most diverse colours: pastel, matt, satin, multicolour, marbled, pearlescent, imitation wood, etc...

It is also possible to combine this finish with other printing techniques for a final result capable of significantly increasing the added value of the printed product.

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