In order to conclude our overview of the potential of hot stamping, in this article we at Dolce Lucio will talk to you about another effect that can be achieved. It is possible to obtain the fire marking ("burning" effect) applicable on leather and wood.

Marking can be made to create drawings, logos, writings. This with the aim of personalizing the object in order to decorate it, or to communicate information (e.g. affixing a logo or brand, reporting CE conformity, indicating the traceability of materials or expiry date of an agri-food product, etc.).

Thanks to burning, the decoration is created by "branding" the object with heat without the application of color. It gives a "fire burning" effect. It can be applied to leather objects (e.g. clothing labels, various objects, caskets and boxes) or wood (e.g. caskets, boxes, baskets, various objects).

The fire marking of an object can be combined with the hot foil decoration, creating a highly effective customisation.

The advantages obtained with burn marking are many, including:

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